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Why is De-Cluttering a Necessary Step in Home Staging?

Why is De-Cluttering Necessary for Home Stagers in Toronto?

When Design to Impress stages a home, the property’s time on the market is drastically reduced. A well-staged home leads to immediate offers, which includes the cost of home staging. In fact, a staged home will increase your original asking price, and lead to a high return on investment.

One of the biggest tasks for our home staging team is the removal of clutter from your house, condo, loft or apartment. The purpose of home staging is to remove your personality from each room, so a potential buyer’s vision remains uninfluenced. Too many items, or even out-of-place accessories, like an exercise bike in a living room, can deter a buyer from placing an offer on your home.

If your dated furniture is replaced with newer rentals, buyers see your home as “new”. The home stager will likely reduce the amount of furniture you have by at least half. If your sofas, chairs and tables show signs of age, the home staging expert will add rental furniture in place of your own, and keep it there for as long as your home is on the market.

By removing some (or all) of your furniture, your rooms will look more spacious, with plenty of room in high traffic areas. Buyers will immediately be able to pinpoint where their own furniture can go, based on the open floor availability.

Any aspects of your personality will be purged from each room during the home staging. Your own style takes value away from the home. The buyer will see your items as an expense necessary to remove.

The removal of clutter doesn’t necessarily mean your stuff has to be thrown in a storage locker, although it can be. You can use this opportunity to have a garage sale, or give things away to those in need, downsizing your belongings before the move.

The home stager will ensure your kitchen is seen with nothing but the essentials (even your old toaster and coffee maker may be removed, perhaps placed in one cupboard to hold all your small appliances). Leftovers and empty bottles of pop from your fridge will be cleaned out. Shelving, including the top of your refrigerator, will be empty. In your bathroom, existing accessories will be replaced with fresh towels, candles, a new shower curtain and decorative waste-basket. The living room won’t show any family pictures on your fireplace mantel, and your coffee table will be free of magazines and newspapers.

There is an aspect of cleanliness to a home stagers de-cluttering process. Dead plants will be thrown out and replaced with fresh flowers in vases. Your garage won’t show anything but the essentials, shoes at the entrance will be taken away, and your yard will be free of anything a buyer could accidentally step on or trip over. Even the wires behind your TV will be untangled and re-strung, or covered up completely. The home stager will hire a professional to cleanse the items you take for granted, like the blinds and lighting fixtures. A buyer will be able to spot a dusty area immediately, so anything unsanitary, including an unwashed tub and toilet, or a load of laundry, will be tended to before a showing.

De-cluttering all comes down to storage space, which is very important to anyone viewing your home. A home stager will be selling the space available within your home, so a buyer can see where they can place their stuff in some places, and reside in others. An abundance of space will be emphasized, so that a viewer won’t have to calculate if their belongings can fit into your home. As such, even your coats and boxes inside of closets, must be removed.

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Molly Hilton is the home stager in Toronto with over 30 years of experience. Her home staging firm, Design to Impress, has generated a return on investment for every single house, condo, loft and apartment staged across the GTA.