Why Homeowners Should Not Stage Their Own Homes

Homeowners don’t have the experience to get their property sold for a high asking price. Home stagers know how to prepare properties to sell for a ROI.

Before homeowners sell their houses or condos, they may deem it in great condition, as-is. They might have even added new decor and fixtures to spruce it up a little. It may be the most beautiful home on the block…but don’t be fooled – their homes are not staged to sell.

Staging a property before it goes on the market must be done by a qualified home staging company in Toronto, not yourself. It is imperative that the homeowner detach themselves from the house or condo they are selling, so the overall look shows no signs of your personality. Buyers are not looking for a pre-owned home, even though that is what they are likely purchasing. Someone viewing your home needs to feel like the place can be theirs. This vision is not attainable if traces of the previous owner linger.

What Homeowners Need to Understand About Home Staging

The purpose of home staging is to make the property appeal to everyone. This is done with replacement or re-purposed furniture, new colours on the walls, an immaculate interior, and removal of personal belongings, among other tactics. Some homeowners feel like they can add their personal touch to prepare a home for a showing, and that is just what they should be avoiding. Living in a house with your own decorum is one thing, adding your personality to the home you are leaving is another. The buyer does not care about how you think think the house should look – they want to buy something they can make their own.

A home stager will take just about everything that belongs to you off-site before a home’s showing, if you haven’t relocated your items already. This includes your kitchen utensils and housewares, your broomstick, and even your coat hangers. Anything of yours left behind will be seen as clutter, as small as it may be. This is a major deterrent to a buyer, who is looking for as much space as possible to house their own belongings. The smallest item left behind can indicate a lack of space, believe it or not. Home stagers understand this, and prepare houses and condos to look spacious, neutral to both sexes, and efficient. They will know where to add certain pieces of furniture, what drapery should stay and go, what rental furniture to bring in, and how each room should be lit. Home stagers in Toronto know how to prepare a house or condo to sell for top dollar, with a return on investment. The homeowner staging their own house does not have the experience to get their property sold for a higher asking price.

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