What to Expect During Your Home Staging Consultation

A home staging professional will evaluate your property’s market appeal. Where’s what to expect during your home staging consultation.

A home staging professional will use a proven system to evaluate your home’s market appeal indoors and out. Homes stagers can answer questions like:

  • What should I pack up and what should I keep?
  • Do I need to pack up all my family pictures?
  • How do I update my kitchen without spending a lot?
  • How important are wall colours when selling?
  • How should I layout my furniture?

What to expect during your initial home staging consultation:

  • Discussion of your goals and expectations.
  • A walk-through of the whole house with the critical “buyer’s eye”.
  • Assessment of furniture, accessories, room focal points and balance, paint color, lighting, flow, smells, and clutter.
  • Transformation of a portion of a room if time allows.
  • Action plan for each room to obtain a quick sale of the property.
  • Proposal of staging and other services for those recommendations you don’t want to do yourself.
  • List of qualified, preferred resources (e.g., painters, handymen, etc.), if needed.

Our home staging services may involve any or all of the following:

  • Use of home owners existing furniture and accessories, rearranging them for maximum visual impact.
  • Selecting furniture and accessories for purchase or rent, depending on the style of your home, your location, and your target market.
  • Recommending, implementing and/or arranging for enhancements and minor repairs, such as painting, flooring, lighting, window treatments, etc.

Our expert staging team visits your property to conduct an in-person assessment. We identify the key areas of your property that need attention in order to attract buyers and entice offers. After our in-person consultation, we will prepare a preliminary budget for different staging options and a free quotation for the complete staging service. Our consultation will let you know what buyers see and feel when they walk into your property. This lets you know exactly which aspects of your property are unappealing to buyers.

Knowing what you must change in order to attract buyers and entice offers is only half the battle. The other half is knowing how to do it, and what budget is required/ appropriate.
Whether you have just moved into your new condo or home and need help ‘putting it together’ OR if you have just grown tired of the way it looks and need a change, we can help. If you are just looking to paint or need help with a whole home makeover, our design team can transform your space beautifully and affordably.

In Layman’s Terms, What Exactly is Home Staging?

What exactly is home staging, and how can it help increase the asking price of your house or condo for sale?

East York Home Staging: 22 Rhodes, Home Stagers in Toronto

When the home stagers at Design to Impress prepared a house at 22 Rhodes in Toronto, one highlight involved converting a storage room into a meditation studio.

Etobicoke Condo Staging: 59 Annie Craig Drive, Home Stagers

Etobicoke condo staging: 59 Annie Craig Drive, Unit 515, Toronto. This high-rise, 2 bedroom unit was staged to sell for $4,890,000 by Toronto’s home stagers, Design to Impress!

Etobicoke House Staging: 1204 Islington, Home Stagers

Etobicoke House Staging: 1204 Islington Ave., staged to sell for a high ROI via Toronto’s home stagers, Design to Impress!

Downtown Toronto Condo Staging: 510 King St. E, Home Stagers

Downtown Toronto Home Staging: 510 King St. East, staging a condo to sell for a high ROI via Toronto's home stagers, Design to Impress!