What to Consider When Hiring a Home Stager

Home staging is an investment that delivers the maximum ROI when selling a property. Hiring a home stager with history in the Greater Toronto Area is key.

Kitchen of Condo Staged in Downtown Toronto, 231 Fort York

Home staging is an investment which gets you the maximum return on your investment when selling your home. As such, it makes sense for you (or your real estate agent) use the most experienced, enthusiastic and creative home stager in the Greater Toronto area. With that said, keep in mind that you get exactly what you really pay for when hiring a home stager. Using an adequate staging consultant will bring you adequate results. You must employ a home staging company that has prepared properties for a while if you want to sell yours for much higher than what you paid for. But how do you know which home stager to hire?

Ask your house stager how a long time they have been staging houses on their own, as well as with other home staging companies. Assess their web site to see what sense of style they have. Is their idea of decor one you’ll be able to see within your own home?

Ask the home stager about insurance, to ensure that you are not responsible for any damages that could happen on the job. Get the project details in writing, preferably a contract, which ought to contain deadlines and pricing as well.

Are services provided by the home staging company within your budget? When inquiring about costs, know up front that the price isn’t going to be cheap, yet does want to cover the labour and materials needed in order for your home to sell for top dollar. The home stager needs to hire movers to remove your furniture and bring new ones in, rent furniture and furnishings to replace yours, hire painters to revitalize the home’s surroundings, and use cleaners to help your home to appear move-in ready. Other costs to consider when hiring a home stager include the price of storage to move your belongings into during the showing of your home, in addition to the stagers own time spent organizing the job.

Are the home stagers honest with you about presentation problems that may negatively affect the sale of your property? If they’re a real professional, they are going to address any concerns a buyer will have about your home, including offensive odors, clutter or dated furnishings.

The home stager is not merely striving to get the house, condominium, loft or apartment sold for above what it is worth, they’re also helping potential buyers visualize themselves living in it. Keeping in mind that prospective buyers develop an opinion about a property within the first eight to ten seconds of being inside it, the stager’s assignment is to make the audience want to make an offer before someone else beats them to it. A great deal of work goes into making a memorable first impression for what is likely your biggest asset.

An experienced, well-respected home stager will be very happy to provide references if needed.

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Molly Hilton is the home stager in Toronto with over 30 years of experience. Her home staging firm, Design to Impress, has generated a return on investment for every single house, condo, loft and apartment staged across the GTA.