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Design to Impress stages vacant houses, condos, lofts and offices for property owners, real estate agents and custom builders in Toronto and the GTA.

Our experienced home stagers understand the difficulty a buyer has making an emotional connection with an empty room. Though interiors may be flawless in terms of efficiency, it is the aesthetics of a place that ultimately influence them to make an offer. Design to Impress turns empty and unoccupied properties into warm, inviting and homey residences.

Our home stagers offer a personal touch with furnishings and decor, in order to raise the property’s asking price. A move-in ready house or apartment in Toronto can persuade a potential buyer to make an offer before its taken off the market.

Design to Impress stages a home so that the buyer can visualize themselves living in the “model suite” they’re standing in. Showcasing where the dining room and family room is, is not enough for them. Our home stagers create intimate spaces that buyers can see themselves in, per room. Such visualizations do not come as easily to an empty, vacant property.

Design to Impress plans every detail when staging a vacant property. The right furnishings and colours will be coordinated for each room. Interiors may be painted and thoroughly cleaned. Furniture may be replaced or retouched. Linens and bedding will be selected on an individual basis. Some rooms will be well-lit, while others may have lights dimmed to create an atmospheric mood.

Contractors will be hired and supervised to help convert the empty house or condo into a cozy, relaxed living space.

Within a couple of days, Design to Impress will make a unit look more valuable than its asking price. Within a week, our vacant home staging services can turn houses and mansions in Toronto into living spaces that are too beautiful to pass up.

Buyers make up their minds about a property within the first eight to ten seconds of viewing it. The home stagers at Design to Impress make sure every one of those seconds leaves them a strong impression.

Homeowners, real estate agents and custom builders use home stagers to minimize the amount of time a property for sale is on the market.

There is a belief that home staging is costly. The fact is, the costs of home staging are added to the property’s new selling price, which ends in a profit for the homeowner. Home staging creates a strong impression and a buyer’s perception that adds value to one of your most valuable assets.
As the saying goes, “you have to spend money to make money”. Real estate staging is an investment that helps homeowners obtain the strongest return on investment in the least amount of time possible.

Home stagers can either prepare your home for a showing to a particular demographic, or stage it for any potential buyer. Either process gives the homeowner a let up over other sellers.

Whomever is interested in buying a house likely lives a busy life. Design to Impress stages homes with the buyer’s perspective. Houses and condos are prepared to appeal to a mass audience, showcasing a ready-to-move-in look. With home staging, buyers can visualize themselves in each room via a combination of decor, colour and arrangement.

In short, home staging delivers results. When houses, lofts and apartments are staged to be sold, they sell quickly and for higher than the pre-staging asking price. Staging eliminates the bills associated with keeping an un-inhabited property on the real estate market. Units get more showings when seen on real estate agent’s websites, especially with pictures of a house or condo staged. Our home stagers will decide how to best sell each room, without any judgment or influence on the realtor’s or homeowner’s part. The perspective they will have is that of a buyer.

Vacant properties reach a resurgence of interest once vapid rooms are redecorated with neutral colours and homey decorum. Staging helps buyers create a psychological connection with the place they’re viewing.