Re-Positioning Furniture When Staging a Home

Instead of replacing your furniture with rented sofas and chairs, home stagers may instead move them from one room to another.

Sometimes a beautiful table or stool just doesn’t match with the rest of your furnishings. By dressing a seat or nightstand up with accessories, some rooms can have a whole new purpose just by re-positioning furniture.

Furniture won’t be the only candidate for a potential transition. Everything from artwork to lamps can be relocated to another room to maximize its purpose. Even aging furniture can be moved to an uncommon room and covered up with matching decor for a relaxation area, perhaps a reading room or a meditation studio.

Re-Arranging Furniture to Stage a Home for Sale in Toronto

When staging any home in the GTA, Design to Impress creates spaces that encourage potential buyers to walk around your property. By intentionally rearranging furniture, a subtle path will be formed to let the buyer travel from room to room.

The rearrangement of furniture will also make your interiors feel less cramped. A table or chair in room may be detached from its set and placed in another room in order to accommodate purpose, space and colour coordination.

Furniture can not crowd or block any walkway or entry point. Depending on the size of the room, sofas and chairs may be placed against the wall, or centered in a conversational setting, to create the appearance of a large room. Props, like a coffee table or plants, may be reduced or enlarged in size, in order to add depth to a room.

By rearranging furniture, buyers can travel from room to room in an endless flow without hassle, walking in open spaces. Ask Toronto’s home stagers, Design to Impress, how they can arrange sofas, chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture to make your home appear spacious.

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