Bedroom View, 571 Windfields Farm, Oshawa Home Staging

Staging a Property in Toronto to Look Move-In Ready

Design to Impress prepares houses, condos, apartments and lofts to look move-in ready before a showing, always resulting in an high ROI.

When Design to Impress stages homes in Toronto, each property is made to look and feel like it’s worth more than it’s selling for. This excites potential buyers viewing it, encouraging multiple buyers to make offers. If a home for sale doesn’t come across as valuable, the asking price will always be too high, regardless of the areas it’s in. This is where home staging can really turn things around.

Design to Impress will redecorate every room in the house, to the point where it looks move-in ready, without the obvious signs of recently being staged. Furniture may be removed, sometimes replaced outright, if not covered up with colour-coordinated throws. In fact, colour is a major of home staging. Each room will be staged so that similar colours flow from room-to-room. The brown couch in one room will the same as the rug in the room beside it, for example.

Cleanliness is also a critical component of home staging. As pretty as the room may be, mold or dirt in corners may be invisible to you, but the buyer will spot such imperfections immediately. In fact, they might even be looking for them. Each room must be cleaned to the point where the house looks like it’s been remodeled. No spider webs, dust bunnies, hair or dirt should be present. That means clean dishes in the kitchen, clean water in plant vases, and clean towels hanging in the bathroom.

Every room will be staged too. The buyer may be impressed with the first room they enter, but if other rooms are unfurnished, the property will look vapid. Closets will be emptied as well – your stuff will have to be moved, perhaps even to an off-site storage centre, as buyers tend to open every closet in an open house. No clutter – including extension cords – will be present.

Finally, home stagers will ensure each item in the house is easy to access. If a buyer has trouble opening a door or window, they’ll factor the cost of whatever the issue is into the selling price. The home should come across as flawless, like-new….and move-in ready.

Ask Toronto’s home stagers, Design to Impress, how they can help you prepare your house, condo, apartment or loft to look move-in ready for your next showing.