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In Layman’s Terms, What Exactly is Home Staging?

What exactly is home staging, and how can it help increase the asking price of your house or condo for sale?

Home staging is like a cosmetic makeover for a house or apartment. Instead of make-up, a professional home stager replaces existing furniture, decor and colours, in order to create a move-in ready look before an open house or showing. The final result is a home that sells for a return on investment. In fact, the Toronto real-estate industry estimates the asking price of a property for sale to be raised between six to fifteen percent, on average, after the home has been staged.

Here are a few things Design to Impress, a home staging company in Toronto, will do to give your property a profitable new look:

Every room in the house will be staged to make the potential buyer enter it. When viewers walk through a house or condo for sale, they judge each room before deciding whether or not to walk inside of it. The look of the room from the outside determines whether or not the person will spend their precious time getting a closer look.

The lighting in reach room will be adjusted based on the environment’s purpose. Kitchens will be well-lit to show off cabinets, appliances and flooring. Master bedrooms may be dimly lit, as well as the dining room. Each room’s brightness is determined on an individual basis.

The colour of each room plays a huge role influencing the interest of a potential buyer. Neutral colour tones give the buyer a warm and inviting feeling, and makes them want to move-in immediately. Worn-out colours on a wall, or worse, bold and un-matched paint, can lower your asking price, as a buyer may factor in renovations into the costs.

Furniture size plays a role in swaying a buyer’s opinion of a house. Large dining room tables suggest dinner parties and family gatherings. Smaller tables, chairs and sofas could make a room feel hollow, especially if they are clumped together.

A buyer does not see the staging when viewing the house, and that is the point. A house should not be staged to look like something it is not. Staging accentuates a room’s purpose, and makes the habitat feel like a place someone can call home. Buyers see the finished process of a staged home, and helps them connect with it on an emotional level.

Home staging leads to a return on investment. Staging costs are always factored into the revised asking price, which still results in a profit for the seller. Un-staged houses in Toronto that sat on the market for months have sold within days after the home stagers at Design to Impress prepared them.

Ultimately, staging a house or condo is all about creating strong first impressions. Potential buyers are making judgments about the property within eight to ten seconds of entering it. A staged home makes them want to see more. Contact Design to Impress for more information on how to raise the asking price of your house or condo with home staging.