Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, 1979 Faylee, Pickering Home Staging

How Home Stagers in Toronto Influence Buyers to Make Offers

Sometimes a real estate agent will recommend hiring a home stager before your property is placed on the market. The purpose of home staging is to remove any influence for potential buyers. Your home is set up the way you live your life, it works for you. Others have their own methods of living, their own sense of decor, their own furnishings. Buyers need to see somewhat of an empty house, furnished enough so that they can visualize themselves living in it.

Buyers will form an opinion about a home for sale within 8 to 10 seconds of viewing it. First impressions are everything, and that begins with the home’s exterior. Home stagers will ensure the home looks inviting upon entering. That could mean fixing up the garden, arranging flowers and potted plants on the porch, or even painting a rusted-out door.

As the buyer walks from room to room, they will be looking for anything they don’t like. Design to Impress will direct buyer’s eyes to see the positives about your house or condo. That means your home will be spotlessly clean – no dirt, dust, mold or hair will catch anyone’s eye. Every room will be appropriately lit – intimate rooms dimmed and common rooms shining bright.

Home stagers excel at making interiors feel intimate. They will play on a viewer’s senses, perhaps baking an apple pie or cookies before the showing. Dark paint on walls will be replaced with neutral tones. Your furniture will be replaced with rental chairs, tables and sofas, or covered up with throws, so that everything looks untouched.

Your home will be purged of all your personal belongings. Most of your items will be placed in off-site storage (or wherever you want, outside of the home), including family pictures on your walls. Even your utensils will be taken out of drawers. In fact, the only thing lingering on a kitchen countertop will likely be a bowl of fruit.

Any minor repairs will be completed before the home is shown to buyers. Caulking may be replaced, leaky faucets will be tightened. Squeaky doors will be lubed up. Missing tiles will be filled in.

Buyers make offers after feeling like they want a home. Toronto’s home stagers, Design to Impress, trigger those emotions by creating a vision – a home buyers want to live in. The end result is a quick sale, always for a higher amount than what the home would sell for, as-is.