Home Staging vs Interior Decorating vs Interior Design

In short, what is the difference between home staging, interior decorating and interior design?

How is Home Staging Different From Interior Design?

In short, home staging neutralizes and depersonalizes the living space and arranges a property to appeal to buyers, while interior design personalizes the house or condo, in order to accommodate their lifestyle.

What is the Difference Between Home Staging and Interior Decorating?

An occupant hires an interior decorator for an aesthetic living environment, while a homeowner hires a home stager to get the property sold. Interior decorating makes someone feel at home, while home staging makes a potential buyer feel like the unit they are viewing could be their future home.

Home Staging helps reveal more space-enhancing options that come with a house or condo. It helps develop the visual appeal for potential buyers. Decorating is about the buyer’s personal style and unique taste, and is generally done after the property is sold.

How Does Redecorating Fit In?

Redecorating a property entails the exact same techniques as home staging, interior decorating and interior design. In all three processes, existing furniture and accessories belonging to the homeowner are re-purposed to improve the overall look of the house or condo.

Home staging is a process used to appeal to potential buyers, so that they can see what the space is capable of. Interior design and decorating customizes the space for the new homeowner once the property is sold. Decorating and designing is ideal for living, while staging is used for selling.

Staging helps buyers imagine their own belongings in your home, and helps them see past the current homeowner’s personal tastes within the property.

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