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Home Staging in Winter: Catering to a Buyer’s Senses

Open houses during the winter are a harder sell than summer. Home stagers cater to a buyer’s senses during a showing to remove the influence of cold weather.

Left View of Bedroom, Condo Staged in Downtown Toronto, 231 Fort YorkBuyers browsing an open house during the winter will show more attention to a warm home than an un-heated one. Home stagers cater to a buyer’s emotion and factor in all the little things, including temperature, in order to generate more interest in the rest of the house.

For showings during dreary days, home stagers may turn on all lights and open all shades and curtains in order to maximize lighting within a home. Home stagers will not let bad weather affect the way a buyer looks at a home staged to sell.

The last thing a buyer wants to see in the dead of winter are more reminders of how cold it is outside. Home stagers will create a warm, inviting atmosphere by adding flowers to vases on tables and plants where light shines best. Seasonal decor, like wreaths on doors, may factor in the staging of the home depending on the time of year.

Open House Showings in the Winter Don’t Have to Be a Hard Sell

A fresh-smelling home is vital to a showing, but chemical aromas can scare a buyer away. Home stagers keep fragrances in the air simple by baking cookies, apple pies, cinnamon rolls and other deserts, which call attention to the kitchen. Such scents will no doubt make buyers crave a bite of whatever smells delicious. Stagers and realtors play to a potential buyer’s taste buds by having complimentary food on hand.

Music can also generate feelings during a showing, but stagers and realtors will never play anything that could offend or irritate a buyer. Music playing the background, if any, may include classical music, jazz or easy listening tunes.

Home stagers play to all senses, including touch. Lavish linens, sleek tablecloths, plush blankets and fresh towels are likely to be felt as the buyer flows from room to room – it is critical that the stager displays only inviting things to touch.