Saturday, February 23, 2019


Second Bedroom, 230 Royal Orchard Blvd., Thornhill

Stage your house correctly, and it will lead to a quick sale. Here are 5 home staging suggestions from Toronto’s stagers, Design to Impress.
Open Concept Home Staging - 109 Front St., Toronto

Stagers prepare homes with a buyer’s perspective. What changes does a home stager make when preparing your property for a showing?
Why Homeowners Should Not Stage Their Own Properties

Homeowners don't have the experience to get their property sold for a high asking price. Home stagers know how to prepare properties to sell for a ROI.
Living Room in 110 Charles St. East, Condo in Toronto

Home stagers prepare houses and condos like products. With a buyer's perspective, stagers help future homeowners visualize a life in a home for sale.
Kitchen of Condo Staged in Downtown Toronto, 231 Fort York

Home staging is an investment that delivers the maximum ROI when selling a property. Hiring a home stager with history in the Greater Toronto Area is key.
Living Room in 574 Manning Ave., Toronto

What exactly is home staging, and how can it help increase the asking price of your house or condo for sale?
Backyard View From Inside in 574 Manning Ave., Toronto

In short, what is the difference between home staging, interior decorating and interior design?
Why is De-Cluttering Necessary for Home Stagers in Toronto?

Why do Toronto's home stagers, Design to Impress, place great emphasis in de-cluttering a property before it goes on the market?
Left View of Bedroom, Condo Staged in Downtown Toronto, 231 Fort York

Open houses during the winter are a harder sell than summer. Home stagers cater to a buyer's senses during a showing to remove the influence of cold weather.
Stairwell, 313 Green Lane, Thornhill

Will home staging deliver an ROI? What happens to your stuff during the process? Here are 6 things to know about staging a home in Toronto.