Living Room, 1939 Spruce Hill, Pickering Home Staging

Home Stagers Prepare Properties With a Buyer’s Perspective

Home stagers prepare houses and condos like products. With a buyer’s perspective, stagers help future homeowners visualize a life in a home for sale.

Why is it important that a home stager views at a property for sale from a buyer’s perspective?

Homeowners must understand that the minute their house or condo is placed on the market, it is no longer “their home”. Instead, the property has become “their product”. A home stager will spruce up that product to sell for top dollar, with a return on investment. Once a home staged, a potential customer – or in this case, a buyer – is in the right frame of mind to ask themselves if they can live in that property.

Some homeowners do not understand this. They think leaving the home as is, with just a quick clean-up, will sell the house. They could not be more wrong. Buyers do not want to see any traces of the previous homeowner when viewing a property. They want to see the home as immaculate, and any sign of the dwelling being “previously used” is a major turn-off.

Properties will be staged so the buyer can say things like “oh, I can see my dresser right there”, or “we can have our dinner parties right here”. They want to visualize themselves sleeping in a bedroom, or tucking their kids in at night. The interior must be prepared for buyers so that they can see these concepts. Any sign of the homeowner will take that visualization away.

That is where the home stager comes in. The stager will view the home, as is, and decide what furniture to move around, what furnishings to replace, what rooms to re-colour, what needs to be taken off-site, and a whole laundry list of other factors.

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