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Design to Impress provides effective condo staging in Toronto and the GTA. With hundreds of condos professionally staged, we realize that every client is as distinctive as the residence they are selling.

Staging a just-built property requires imagination and perspective. We assist designers and contractors to emphasize a condo’s top features – presenting spacious areas, and integrating furnishings and colour that will interest all  potential buyers. During open houses and viewings of new condominiums, it is important to demonstrate what a buyer’s future can be like inside of the unit.

Professional condo staging is absolutely essential if the building facilities are not finished.

An un-staged condo sits in the market for a very long time, where as a staged unit leads to a sale within days, at most.

When a condo is empty, the perception of rooms are that they are much smaller than they look. Furthermore, empty spaces tend to feel cold and uninviting. Without staging, a buyer focuses on the negative details of awkwardly shaped rooms and dimly lit areas of the condo.

Most potential condo buyers cannot visualize how a space can be used. Design to Impress excels at showing just how much space a buyer will have inside of every unit, no matter the size. Staging the apartment by selling how much space they will have gets the living space sold quickly, and for the intended asking price.

With showings not lasting very long, you have a short time to sell the living space. Every second is precious, and condo staging removes any doubts about the unit shown.

Design to Impress will visit your condo and analyze each room. Our home staging experts will know how to accentuate the features, what furniture, art and accessories to bring in, in order to make your space look larger and more valuable before a showing.

We specialize in making small spaces look big. Artwork, linens, selected furniture, flowers and other fixtures will be strategically purposed where the home stager wants a buyer’s eye to see. Condo staging particulars, such as furniture dimensions and artwork colour tones, play a crucial part in the unit’s size perception.

Some of your existing furniture may be removed, walls and ceilings may be repainted, and repairs may be made prior to a showing.