Main Floor, 78 Tecumseth, Toronto Condo Staging

Downtown Toronto Condo Staging: 78 Tecumseth, Home Stagers

When the home stagers at Design to Impress prepared unit 1205 of 78 Tecumseth St. in Downtown Toronto, for a showing, they wanted to emphasize the strengths of the condo, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to would-be buyers with its potential.

Our home stagers used colour in creative ways, using it decoratively with art and pillows, in order to draw a buyer’s eye to certain focal points in each room.

All clutter was taken off-site to showcase the amount of space available to the potential buyer viewing the unit.

Some furniture was also removed from the premises, as in this particular property, less was more. A couple of tables and chairs were relocated to other rooms and re-purposed to accentuate the features of those rooms. As such several new spaces were created, such a meditation and yoga area.

Furniture was pulled away from walls and placed in groups to showcase traffic flow and space around the living room.

Drapery was changed to let more light into the unit. With the property showing more brightness, rooms instantly looked bigger. Ambient, task and accent lighting was also added to several rooms, as all rooms had previously the same wattage. The dining room was dimmed, while the kitchen and living room was brightened.

Pictures were taken down from walls, as they had previously been arranged in a linear fashion, making them almost invisible. Artwork was hung in a circular pattern in key areas of several rooms, especially the living room.

Accessories, like pillows and throws, were added to some furniture. Where applicable, cushions and pillows were placed in threes, with the smallest accessory placed in the front, to make certain features more appealing.

Greenery was added by way of plants and flowers to several rooms, adding some life and nature to the unit.

The condo at 78 Tecumseth St. was staged to sell for a high ROI and sold in less than 19 days by Toronto’s home staging company, Design to Impress!