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6 Things to Know About Staging a Home

You will get your money back, and make a profit: the cost to stage your home will be factored into the new asking price. The new asking price will be significantly higher than the rate it was at before being staged. This is because home staging adds value to the home. Ultimately, you won’t lose a cent by having your home staged. If anything, you’ll see a nice return on investment.

Stairwell, 313 Green Lane, ThornhillYou should not try to stage it yourself: homeowners make this mistake time and again, and ultimately sell their home for well below the asking price as a result. Home stagers know how to represent and sell your home better than you, your housekeeper, your family and even your real estate agent. They can dress up rooms to accentuate the positive. They know how to combine colours, patterns, paint, fabrics, spacing and cleanliness for a quick sale at a high rate. Your home is a product to a home stager – let their experience do all the selling.

You shouldn’t leave behind any aspects of your personality: our home stagers will remove all of your traits and footprints. No matter how beautiful your decor may be, potential buyers aren’t looking for your spin on a room, they’re looking for a room they can mentally add their own character to. A home stager can make any room appear new, no matter how old the house is. This can’t be achieved with your furnishings, fixtures and accessories lying around.

You might have to put your furniture in storage during the staging process: dated sofas and chairs, chipped wood on tables, or dirty rugs will send potential buyers right out the door. They don’t want to buy your house, they want to buy their new house. Our home staging team will use rented furniture in place of your own, which will remain in rooms for the duration of the sale. The purpose of the rented furniture is to give buyers a frame of reference.

Master Bedroom, 313 Green Lane, ThornhillYou might not recognize your home after the staging process is complete: the purpose of home staging is to increase the property’s value. Your home will be repainted, redecorated and refurnished accordingly. Items will be moved around or discarded. This is all necessary if you want your home to spend minimal time on the market and get a large ROI.

You can’t make a room bigger by moving furniture around: contrary to popular belief, pushing sofas and chairs against the wall does not make a room bigger. The right furniture stationed in coordinated spaces will create open up traffic areas, and with a few props and accessories, can expand a room. The home stager knows how to achieve this look with each and every room they enter.