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3 Different Kinds of Lighting Used for Home Staging

Lighting is crucial to each room Design to Impress prepares for a showing. Here are a few different types Toronto’s home stagers use.

Lighting is crucial to each room Toronto’s home stagers, Design to Impress, prepares for a showing. The stager will likely increase the wattage in lamps and fixtures on many staged rooms, in order to accentuate its best features.

Certain types of lights will be used for each room. Intimate areas, like the bedroom or living room, may be lit up with accent lighting, which highlights objects (paintings on a wall, or pottery on a table) and aspects (crown molding, for example). Other rooms, perhaps the bathroom or kitchen, may require ambient lighting, which lights up the entire enclosure.

Sometimes, task lighting is used to shine directly on an object. Our home stagers often add task lights under cabinets to showcase a clean kitchen counter for cooking. The stager may also add task lighting in the home office, directly above a desk.

Light Fixtures for Home Staging

Light fixtures are a very important yet overlooked feature to be used when staging a home.

Buyers want to see a well-lit house or condo when viewing a showing. A poorly-lit property may scare a potential buyer away.

For more information about Design to Impress’ lighting approaches, contact Toronto’s home stagers here.