Open Concept, 22 Rhodes, Toronto Home Staging

East York Home Staging: 22 Rhodes, Home Stagers in Toronto

When the home stagers at Design to Impress prepared the house at 22 Rhodes Ave. in East York, Toronto, one of the highlights involved converting a storage room into a tiny yoga room that also doubled as a meditation studio, using a rug, cozy chair and small table.

In the living room, the accent walls were painted with neutral colours to highlight the fireplace and window. The entire room did not require repainting, as we wanted to direct buyers’ eyes to the room’s focal points. The interiors of a bookshelf were also painted to offset pottery, vases and art sculptures containing it. Soft colour tones were also selected for linens, such as tablecloths, bedsheets and napkins. The powder room, dining room and bedroom were painted with bold tones to emote a cozy, intimate feeling within.

Several sofas and tables were re-positioned and relocated to create purposeful areas. Some chairs were placed to face windows and fireplaces, with accessories like cushions and throws to showcase designated intimate spaces. Our home stagers also made rooms more inviting by making sure furniture accessories looked tidy. Larger accessories were placed in the back, with the smaller pieces positioned in the front. Accessories were limited to groups of three.

Keeping the front yard clean and maintained was essential, as prospective buyers tend to make up their minds about a property within eight to ten seconds of viewing it. It went without saying that a strong first impression was vital. Lawns were cut, weeds were removed, driveways were empty and the front porch was re-painted. All windows were washed on the outside and inside. The garage was organized, and any clutter inside was boxed up and moved off-site. Buyers seeking a quality garage want to see space, and the more you have in a garage, the smaller it looks.

All knickknacks belonging to the homeowner were taken off-site as well. This included pictures on walls and the fridge, clothes in cupboards, everything but the kitchen sink on countertops and even pantry items. The appliances were cleaned to look brand-new. Kitchen cabinet doors and the front of the dishwasher were also replaced, to create a “like new” atmosphere in the kitchen. The less personal effects potential buyers see in each room, the more they can see themselves living in them.

All of the little things took big steps. Contractors were hired and supervised to ensure tasks were done on time and per instruction. The cleaning, replacing and repairing were all essential to the overall home staging project. The final result – 22 Rhodes Ave. sold for a high return on the home staging investment within three weeks, via Design to Impress.