Living Room, 20 William Poole, Toronto Home Staging

North York Home Staging: 20 William Poole Way, Home Stagers

When the home stagers at Design to Impress prepared the house at 20 William Poole Way in North York for a showing, some of the items of the previous homeowner were re-purposed and blended in with newer items.

As the lawn and front exterior was the first thing a potential buyer would see during a visit, the lawn was mowed and the garden was freshened up with vibrant and colourful flowers. The buyer is forming an opinion of the house the second they lay eyes on it, so it was important to build anticipation for seeing the interior by teasing the exterior’s aesthetics.

The old welcome mat was replaced with a brand new inviting one. The front door received a fresh coat of paint, Replace a grungy, old welcome mat with a clean, one that is new. Old, worn out house numbers were taken down and replaced with shiny new numbers. Some of the house’s exterior walls were pressure washed. The gutters and eavesdrops were purged. With such a strong impression on the outside of the home, the buyer would no doubt be excited to see the inside!

Furniture was arranged in a central position, as the couches had previously been pushed up against the wall. They were then disguised with throws and accessorized with cushions, strategically placed in odd numbers and size differences.

Pictures and magnets were removed from the fridge doors. The countertops were made bare, except for a bowl of fruit. Some cookbooks and a few jars containing pasta also remained for a clean space.
Plants were placed in corners to add life and colour to the rooms, and to make them less bare.

Bedrooms were staged with a minimalist look – anything that didn’t blend with the primary colour of the room was taken out. Throws were placed on beds, and a frame was placed under the bed, as it had been previously sitting on the floor.

In the bathroom, the shower curtain was replaced, and fresh towels replaced the worn-in towels left hanging. All toiletries were taken off site by the homeowner, and replaced with oils, soaps and other aromatherapy essentials to give the bathroom a spa-like atmosphere.

The backyard was completely purged, except for a bistro table and some seats around it. Fresh flowers graced the top of the table.

All curtains were left open to let in the bright light, as the house was in a great spot for the sunshine to pour in.

The room temperature was adjusted to make the interior feel cozy – not too hot, not too cold, right before the showing.

The house at 20 William Poole Way in North York was staged to sell for a high ROI by Toronto’s home staging company, Design to Impress.