Family Room, 188 Glenvale, Toronto Home Staging

Toronto Home Staging: 188 Glenvale, Home Stagers in Toronto

188 Glenvale Blvd. in Toronto was a house was competing with other similar properties for sale in the neighbourhood, and for around the same price range. The home stagers at Design to Impress had to make this house stand out from the rest.

The four bedroom household was ideal for families, and that is who our home stagers prepared the house for before a showing.

A family room was developed to be inviting and comfortable, so that potential buyers could envision themselves relaxing in it.

The house also underwent some minor repairs, as buyers who see required renovations would factor those into the price, and subsequently, lower it. The property also underwent a rigorous cleaning in each room, so that not a spec of dust, a piece of lint or a single hair from a human or pet was found. Clutter was also taken off site to showcase maximum storage space, which is what buyers need.

Accessories were brought in for decorative purposes, and placed in odd numbers on the couches, beds and other areas. Wall art replaced family photos, and hung in patterns. Walls in some space were painted to draw attention to the room’s focal points, such as the fireplace and windows.

Drapes were replaced with blinds to let as much sunshine in as possible, as the brightness factor was a key selling point of the house. The wattage in rooms were also adjusted. Dining rooms and bedroom lights were dimmed, while bathroom and kitchen lights were brightened.

Hardware in the kitchen was replaced, namely in the cabinetry, faucets and doorways. Stainless steel appliances were cleaned, and countertops were purged of all knickknacks.

The front exterior of the house, which would be the first thing potential buyers would see, was thoroughly cleaned. Lawns were cut, front doors were repainted, house numbers replaced and the doorbell repaired.

The house at 188 Glenvale Blvd. was staged to sell for a high ROI by Design to Impress, Toronto’s home staging company.