Living Room Front View, 169 Rhodes, Toronto Home Staging

Toronto Home Staging: 169 Rhodes, Home Stagers in Toronto

Studies show that home staging gets properties sold 20% to 30% faster than un-staged and vacant properties. In fact, homes that sit on the market usually get low offers, because potential buyers believe there is something wrong with the house that remains unsold. The idea is that homeowners of unsold properties will accept a low offer based on the desperation to sell.

The home stagers at Design to Impress understand this, and positioned 169 Rhodes Ave., a house in the East York neighbourhood of Toronto, to sell aesthetically. It began with the exterior. A well-maintained front yard with flowers in the garden and potted plants by the front door enticed buyers to want to come in and see more. Buyers form opinions about the property they are viewing from the moment they lay eyes on it. It goes without saying that the front yard had to appear flawless.

Our home stagers executed the standard cleaning and de-cluttering processes executed by supervised contractors. The living room was staged with furniture placement positioning so that a buyer’s first impression of the room was that of spaciousness and comfort. The room was purposed with props to suggest what the room could be used for.

In the kitchen, all appliances were cleaned, smaller items on the counterspace were removed, replaced with flowers and a bowl of fruit. Large appliances were moved out of the way, so a thorough cleaning around their positions could occur. The refrigerators containing photos, magnets, reminders and the like were removed. Spring flowers were added to the kitchen table and countertop. The end result was not just a clean kitchen, but one a potential buyer could see themselves in without the influence of the previous homeowner.

The house at 169 Rhodes Ave. in Toronto was staged to sell for a high ROI and sold in than 19 days, via Design to Impress, Toronto’s home staging company.