Dining Room, 1001 Roselawn, Toronto Home Staging

Toronto Loft Staging: 1001 Roselawn, Home Stagers in Toronto

1001 Roselawn Ave., a loft at Dufferin and Eglinton in North York, was staged to sell for a high ROI by Toronto’s home staging company, Design to Impress.

Our home stagers used accessories on furniture, planting them in odd amounts, mostly in groups of three. Pillows were placed with the smallest in the front and the largest in the back. Some accessories were also grouped by a unifying colour.

We also made spaces appear larger than they look by painting adjacent room the same colour. A seamless look made two small rooms beside each other look like one large space, such as the kitchen and dining room. In bedrooms, the walls were painted the same colour as the drapery to aslo distort the size perception.

Rooms were painted with neutral colours to remove any previous dated finishings on the walls. Bold colours in common rooms tend to scare away potential buyers. However, bold colours were used in the master bedroom, dining room and powder room, in order to make those spaces more intimate and inviting. In some rooms, only certain areas were painted, so as to draw attention to focal points,for example, the walls behind the fireplace and windows in the family room. A couple of bookshelves were also painted to accentuate the art and pottery resting on shelves.

Artwork and pictures on the wall were broken up in various patterns and groups. Frames and paintings hung in a linear fashion tend to be imperceptible to visitors of the home.
Floral arrangements were placed in the front lawn, as well as the dining room and living room, in order to add a a dash of natural colour.

In the bedrooms, luxury linens and soft shades were used to make those spaces more elegant. Closets were purged to show off storage space to potential customers.

Some worn-in cupboard doors were replaced to match existing cabinet doors in good condition. Cabinet doors were refinished to match one another and blend in well the rest of the kitchen. Some cabinet hardware was repaired and replaced, where necessary.
Cracked tiles in bathrooms were replaced, in order to have a pristine-looking bathroom. Some accessories placed around the tub and sink gave the bathrooms a spa-like appearance such as rolled up towels, baskets and candles. Shower curtains were removed and replaced. No one wants to enter a grungy bathroom, and even the slightest hair in the corner can scare a buyer away.

Furniture that was placed up against the walls were grouped to the center of the living room, in order to create an interactive atmosphere, as well as plenty of space to walk. As a result, the room was opened up and made to appear larger.

Some furniture, artwork and accessories were relocated to other rooms where they fit in better. An unused desk was re-purposed to create an office area, while a lone couch, a lamp, a small table and some bookshelves were placed in a smaller room to make it a private library.

The basement had been re-purposed as a meditation and yoga room with the addition of some rugs, padded throws on the wall and some pillows.

Lighting was also altered in many rooms, as previously, every room was lit the same way. Three kinds of lighting were used in this staging process: ambient lighting (living room), task lighting (under-cabinet lights) and accent (library).