DESIGN TO IMPRESS are an unbiased third party team of home stagers in Toronto who will address your property’s weaknesses with an honest eye.

Toronto’s home stagers transform lived-in spaces into move-in ready-places.

The GTA’s real estate market is highly competitive, and tight timelines are typical. Toronto’s home staging team are accustomed to working within tight time-frames.
Big Living Room, House in Rosedale, Toronto
Molly Hilton of Design to Impress

Molly Hilton started DESIGN TO IMPRESS after nearly 30 years in home renovation and custom home building. Her unique design concepts can be traced back to every project she has influenced. Every home staged in Toronto by DESIGN TO IMPRESS is left with Molly’s signature personal touch.

DESIGN TO IMPRESS’ process for taking your home from an idea to a reality is unlike any other staging company you will find in the GTA, as each property is individually crafted from Molly’s impressive experience in home interior design.

  • DESIGN TO IMPRESS has assisted clients in the GTA with the sale of over half a billion dollars’ worth of residential real estate!
  • Toronto’s home stagers deliver high impact results on budget and on time, every time.
  • Our competitive prices are cost effective and produce a strong ROI.
  • Over 300 properties staged on time and within budget!
  • We’ve had homes sell the very next day after staging!
DESIGN TO IMPRESS’ home staging makes homes in Toronto come alive with colours and accessories strategically placed, in order to bring attention to the powerful features of your house, apartment, loft or condo.

Toronto’s home stagers understand that once a buyers representation agreement has been signed, timing is of the essence. Our team of professional home stagers are trained to work around the clock to finish a job in less than one and half days.

Preparing a house to be sold may go beyond home staging, which is why Toronto’s home stagers, DESIGN TO IMPRESS, also specialize in contracting trades, such as painters, electricians, general contractors and even landscapers.

DESIGN TO IMPRESS has an efficiency rate like no other. We have had homes across the Greater Toronto Area sell the very next day, and no longer than 19 days from the completed staged job.

Bedroom, 35 Bales Ave., TorontoWHAT IS HOME STAGING?

Real estate staging, or home staging, is a quick and effective approach used by homeowners, realtors and custom builders. Home staging gets houses and condos sold for the highest possible ROI in the least amount of time.

Home staging is a cost-effective method used to showcase your home to prospective buyers. It showcases the property’s positive features and downplays its less attractive qualities.

Any home will sell eventually. Home staging minimizes the time it stays on the market, and increases the final price it sells for.


Potential buyers form an opinion of a house or condo within the first eight to ten seconds of entering it. Therefore, it is critical that the first impression they get is one that is welcoming and inviting.
Kitchen of Condo Staged in Downtown Toronto, 231 Fort York
Think of home staging as a marketing approach to sell your property. Techniques are used to attract more buyers and create a positive first impression, which helps your buyers feel and see themselves living in your house or condo.

Your house, condo or loft is likely one of your biggest financial investments. Maximize your financial return by having your living space staged to create value in your living space.

With years of experience, our home stagers know what buyers hope to see when viewing a property. As such, Design to Impress stages each home with an objective perspective. Our unique style and system for staging a home creates a positive impact on buyers the minute they walk through the door. Our home stagers are trained and experienced in using marketing and merchandising techniques that appeal to a the right target markets.

Our team of home stagers take care of all of the planning, designing, and logistics. Your job is to sit back and let buyers bid for your biggest asset.

Empty, vacated living spaces look and feel vapid without proper staging. Design to Impress can work entirely with what you have, or we can provide furniture, lighting, artwork and accessories to help display your home as a warm and inviting place they can live in.


Living Room, 35 Bales Ave., TorontoAs the saying goes, “you have one chance to make a first impression”. The one you leave a viewer with must be strong enough for them to make an immediate offer. Design to Impress stages houses and condos to so that they appeal to anyone who views it. Our home stagers select furniture, artwork and accessories tailored to each unit, and arranges them in a way that highlight the features of your property. The final result is a living space that appears bigger and more refined.

You should not think of your home as your residence, when you put it up for sale. Once your property goes on the market, it is now merchandise you must sell for a profit. Home staging is the advertising you need to get it sold to the highest bidder (or buyer).

Potential buyers look to “hot” listings, which are houses and condos generally less than two weeks old on the market. An un-staged property loses its stature and luster with each day it sits on the market. A staged house or condo results in a quick sale of a “hot” listing, with a return on the investment. Ideally, a property should be staged before it goes on the market. Houses that do not sell fast are generally reduced in price. Home staging removes that worse-case-scenario.

Each home staging job is assessed on an individual basis. Design to Impress advises the homeowner or real estate agent which areas of the home are the strongest selling points to focus on. The home staging process involves creating favorable impressions everywhere a potential buyer’s eyes land, while accentuating each room’s focal points.

Open Concept Staging at 301 Cedarvale, TorontoWhen the property for sale is in “showroom” condition, it helps the buyer visualize themselves living in it. Home stagers know how to create the emotional link using decor, colour and furniture arrangement, in order to compel them to making an offer on your new and profitable asking price. Staging condo or a home is about tapping into the buyer’s psychology. A property that is professionally staged allows buyers to see themselves living in it. Home staging makes buyers want to make your house or condo their own by highlighting its characteristics, functionality and flow.

It is tough for a buyer to formulate an opinion about a property when it inhabits traces of the previous or current homeowner’s personality, such as their couches, curtains or picture frames on the wall. Home staging removes those road blocks, in order for the buyer to see their own furniture, family and furnishings inside of the house or condo, instead of yours.

We make changes to interiors using lighting, furnishings, wall art, bedding and linens, among other accessories. Home staging services also addresses issues that could reduce the property’s value, and solves them with essential repairs, cleaning and painting.

Your apartment, loft or house is likely your biggest investment. Use our years of home staging experience to generate the highest ROI in the least amount of time.

House Staged in Toronto


A professional home stager looks at your property with an un-biased, critical buyer’s eye, and can provide you with objective guidance and expertise in order for your home to compete in the marketplace. Home staging is not a hopeful decorating tactic, it is an effective marketing strategy.

You do not have to be present for the staging procedure. However, your authorized broker may have to be during the first consultation, so we can obtain the background information that is necessary to efficiently showcase your home.

Whether the market is hot or cold, home staging will work. In a hot market, staging will increase the home’s selling price in comparison to an identical house un-staged. In a slow market, a competitive advantage over other similar houses in your town is critical. Home staging will increase asking prices within an average marketplace, and speeds up sales in an unhealthy market.

If you already have a real estate agent, you are on the right track. Realtors want to show nicely prepared houses and condos with imagery online and in-person. Real estate agents understand that an un-staged property will bring in less offers than homes that are staged to sell. The pictures they showcase on their own websites and MLS result in more responses and visits.

Main Floor Open Concept View in 22 Rhodes Ave., Toronto